Terms & Conditions


The Guidelines

  • Be nice! Treat others the way they want to be treated. 
  • Be helpful, honest, and supportive whenever possible.
  • Be collaborative and willing to jump in to answer questions or pitch in. 
  • Be fair and understand that everything is subject to interpretation, so give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • Be legal and make sure you aren't stealing others' work. 
  • Be respectful of others, both in how you treat them and of their time. 
  • Be friendly! We are a family, so treat old and new members like your favorite sibling. 
  • Be confident, yet humble.
  • Be curious and interested.
  • Be excellent to each other and committed to make our community better. 
  • Be sure to use the community for its intended purpose: collaboration and connecting. No salesy things, please!

*To join the Cooperative Trust, you must be currently employed by a credit union or credit union system organization, and under the age of 35 (or 35 at heart!)