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We host a passionate online community, lead the acclaimed Crash program, connect mentors and mentees through our mentorship program, and work with credit unions to strengthen their young adult strategy and engagement. 

We live by these words penned by Ed Filene, a founding father of the American credit union movement:

“Youth is too serious to become obedient.”

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    Paid Time Off

    Posted in: Human Resources

    Last year we updated our paid time off policy for the 2018 year. We are realizing we need to make  a few more adjustments. Would anyone be willing to share what their company does? We went from having vacation/sick time to scheduled/unscheduled. I'm more ...

  • I'm in the process of a revamp for our blog so this topic has been on my mind, too. One way I plan to spread the word on social media is the use of live video. Say there's a blog post called "10 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score." I'd pick 3 of them ...

  • For our blogs, we gain readership by boosting them as posts on Facebook after they've posted there (once a week), we share them on Twitter also.  We then have an Employee Advocacy social media platform, Bambu, which allows me to share our blog posts and ...

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