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Welcome to the Cooperative Trust,
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We host a passionate online community, lead the acclaimed Crash program, connect mentors and mentees through our mentorship program, and work with credit unions to strengthen their young adult strategy and engagement. 

We live by these words penned by Ed Filene, a founding father of the American credit union movement:

“Youth is too serious to become obedient.”

Crasher Spotlight

Each month we will highlight a past Crasher. This person demonstrates the core values of the Filene Communities and works disrupt the status quo to make cooperative finance accessible for everyone.

Who: Miranda Pierfax

Role: Executive Assistant

What: 2020 GAC Crasher

Where: Los Angeles, California – USC Credit Union

Why: Miranda purposefully stepped out of her comfort zone right in the middle of her master’s program to Crash the GAC. Miranda not only brought her full self to the Crash, she demonstrated courage, vulnerability, and she taught us all something about the importance of trying something new.


Be sure to check out her blog post here!




    We’re dedicating this month’s newsletter to all of the frontline and contact center credit union staff. It is because of your dedication, passion, and service-driven leadership that credit union members across North America continue to receive caring and empathetic service when they need it most. THANK YOU.


    Is there a particular credit union team member you want to give a “shout out” to? Complete the form below, sharing the reason this person shines during a challenge, and we will spotlight our credit union heroes during the month of April.

  • WEBINAR: Maximize Your Support to Address Members’ Needs Now PART 2

    HOSTED BY George Hofheimer and Mike Higgins

    Join us for the continuation of our action-based discussion on the current state of small-dollar lending, emergency funding, net worth assessments and more opportunities for credit unions to support members' greatest needs during this time of uncertainty. Your credit union, now more than ever before, plays a powerful role in the support networks of your members, employees and community. Many credit unions have taken swift action over the past few weeks to offer crisis-related products and programs to help members through financial hardships related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. What if your credit union could do more to maximize this support and help more members?

    If you're already offering programs to support members' new financial needs, we'll share what opportunities we see on the horizon that would allow you to maximize your support to serve more of the most vulnerable members of your community. Now is the time; your members need your credit union to act. Filene is here to help.

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