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Welcome to the Cooperative Trust,
the award-winning credit union young professional community.

We host a passionate online community, lead the acclaimed Crash program, connect mentors and mentees through our mentorship program, and work with credit unions to strengthen their young adult strategy and engagement. 

We live by these words penned by Ed Filene, a founding father of the American credit union movement:

“Youth is too serious to become obedient.”

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  • We ran a Live Check promotion last November that was extremely successful. If you're not familiar, it's essentially a pre-screened and pre-approved personal loan offer that's mailed out to those current members who meet all the qualifications. They receive ...

  • Hey @kgreen We signed a contract with them in January and are about halfway through implementation. So far, so good! Let me know if I can provide you with any additional info.

  • @mattvance any update on CoreIQ?

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