Frequently Asked Questions


frequently asked questions:

What will it cost?

The cost varies for everyone. Consider the following: your flight to DC (we recommend flying into Reagan/DCA), your lodging (six nights but split in half with a roommate), ground transportation to and from the airport and several meeting venues depending on the mode you choose, and food (although many meals will be provided, it's still a good idea to budget this in). You will NOT be required to pay the GAC registration fee if selected as a Crasher.

Are there scholarships?

Yes! Many credit union leagues and associations offer scholarships and financial assistance for Crash the GAC. Please reach out to them directly for more information.

What's the experience like?

Incredible - but don't take our word for it. Hear what past Crashers have had to say here.

How many Crashers will you be taking?

That's a great question - at least one from every state and a good handful of others. Stand by for the final number when Crashers are announced - but know that this is our 10th GAC Crash ever, so we're probably going to try to outdo ourselves. 

Do I have to have a roommate?

You sure do, excluding a medical issue or extenuating circumstance (if that's the case, email us directly). Otherwise, all selected Crashers are requested to stay together in the same hotel and with a roommate as per the application.

Lots of reasons exist: first, it contributes to the experience and helps you develop relationships with the other Crashers. Lots of the Crash “magic” happens in those candid unplanned moments where you get to chat and connect with your roommate. Many of us are still in touch with roommates from our Crash experiences to this day. Second, we will be up early and out late, and it will be a lot easier in terms of transportation and a buddy system. Another reason is logistically – with an even number of Crashers, if we have Crashers who don’t share rooms, a different Crasher is left without a roommate and that increases the hotel bill for both credit unions. While one credit union may be able to afford it, the other may not and it might prevent that second Crasher from attending. Having a roommate contributes to the full experience – and it’s worth it!

Trust us - it's part of the process, and chances are good you'll end up with a lifelong friend. 

What's the dress code?

This varies day-by-day. The GAC is a more formal event than most credit union conferences. You'll need to have several business formal outfits (think: suits with ties, business dresses/skirts/pants with a blazer), several business casual outfits, a day or two of casual clothes, and even possibly a black-tie/formal outfit. If you're selected as a Crasher, we'll share more info with you then.

What's the schedule?

Actually, we keep this under wraps until we are in DC. You'll be just fine without the Crasher schedule in advance, don't worry! Just show up with a positive attitude, desire to learn and contribute, and an open mind. The experience is worth it! Please do note that we'll be up very early (many days will start at 6:30 or 7:00AM, and conclude with evening networking events, so plan on losing a bit of sleep here and there.)


Actually, we've got your schedule totally and completely booked during GAC. The exception to this is your Hike the Hill visits with your Congressmen/women - those are always ok. We also prioritize State League/Association legislative briefings. Still run the times by us, but we do understand the importance of those meetings in preparing you to visit with your legislators. Otherwise, you'll need to prioritize Crasher events - please do not schedule any plans, dinners, tours, meetings, sightseeing trips, or other events during March 9 - March 14 without first discussing it with us. 

I am a breastfeeding mother or will be pregnant while attending. Can you accommodate this?

Absolutely! 110%. We very strongly believe in supporting women and mothers in the workforce - you all seriously rock! We will make every accommodation necessary, including providing mini-fridges and wellness rooms where you will be able to pump and store milk. If we have more than one nursing mother, we can also pair you up for roommate purposes. If you'll be pregnant while attending, we will also make any accommodations necessary to support your health and comfort. Just contact us for more information if you fall into this category.

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