What's Crash the GAC?

Crash the GAC is an incredible opportunity for credit union professionals to attend the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference, advocate for credit unions to their Congressional representatives, and receive additional professional development and networking along the way.


The 2020 CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference is February 23 - 27. The Cooperative Trust, CUNA, and your state leagues/associations are joining forces to get at least one Crasher per state and D.C. represented at this year’s GAC... If we see more than one stunning application per state, that certainly won't stop us from brining even more Crashers!

Crashers receive free conference registration from CUNA. Travel, lodging, and food costs are the responsibility of the Crasher and their credit union. Scholarships and assistance may be available from your state league or association, please contact your league directly for more info.

Take a deep dive into the world of credit union advocacy with more than 50 other Crashers at the biggest event of the year - your career will never be the same!
We Crash tons of industry events, but our flagship event is Crash the GAC in Washington, D.C. every spring thanks to the support of Credit Union National Association!
Once upon a time in 2010, a group of passionate and tenacious young credit union professionals decided to "Crash" CUNA's Governmental Affairs Conference, the biggest credit union event of the year. Young people historically weren't able to attend, but with the War for Talent raging strong, this ragtag group knew they had to spark industry wide change. If we don't engage the next generations of talent and members, how can our industry stay relevant and successful? (Hint: it can't.)

Fast forward to today, the Crash program has grown and matured, even recognized with the prestigious Herb Wegner Award for Outstanding Program in 2017. The Crash program is for credit union young professionals (35 & under, or "35 at heart") who are sponsored to attend a conference at a lower cost and with additional content designed especially for YPs. Applications are easy, and the entire experience is career-changing!

Crash the Gac 2021  applications
will open on september 28, 2020
and close on December 4 2020